600X400 edita

Maasbach Radio in Kenya

Edita always has Maasbach Radio playing in the background as she’s working on her patients in the dentist chair.

“I love it that more and more people in Kenya are listening to Maasbach Radio!”

When Edita had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, there was only one thing on her mind: visiting the Maasbach Radio studio in The Hague. During the Heart to Heart special on Valentine’s Day, Edita was one of the giveaway winners and her prize has been waiting for her in the studio to come pick it up. It was a visit with lots of smiles and gratitude.

600X400 Jesselyn

Jesselyn Maasbach

I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ.
The dedication and love for the Savior cannot be imitated by anyone. The firm belief-connection is unique and personal, and nothing can sway the bond one has with the Son of God.
If you are a firm believer, you should be proud. Believing in Jesus Christ is the greatest feeling in the world.

Words to describe Jesselyn: worship leader, believer, mother, sister, daughter, wife, auntie, friend, creator, foodie.