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Gabriel + Reuben Effah

The Effah brothers started serving at church as teenagers, but the desire to do that started even when they were little kids wearing oversized suits and ties.

Listen to this inspiring conversation with Gabriel & Reuben about serving God with your talents and how we can still have an attitude of serving outside of church.

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What is the Newgen Society? It’s the generation that is unafraid to take their stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Join husband and wife duo, Mayn & Jess, on Maasbach Radio as they tackle topics that are relevant for our time. Such as: church fashion, worship, christian culture and more!

Got a question for Mayn & Jess? Text Maasbach Radio on +31(0)611155971

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Miracles at the TAYA tour

Maasbach Radio gave away 14 meet-and-greets and 14 free concerttickets to the TAYA Europe Tour and God used it to perform miracles in the lives of our listeners!

Damina and her friend drove all the way from Graz, Austria to Budapest, Hungary to meet Taya. About an hour away from Budapest, the car started shaking. They barely made it to the concert venue! They decided to not worry about the car, but soak in the presence of God during the worship night and God filled them up with His presence to the point where they said: “this was a GREAT day”.

Paul from Germany won the concerttickets and immediately he started planning the concert night as an outreach project for his friends that are not in a relationship with God. He bought another 30 concerttickets to take them along. During the concert, the electricity went out. Paul shouted: “our God is an awesome God!” and the whole crowd started singing that incredible song.

Rachella and Nathalie got to meet Taya in the Netherlands and experienced this night as a
big blessing. It was a beautiful night of praise and worship and during the concert, Rachella says
she felt God speak to her directly, saying: ‘you are loved’. She says that the whole night felt like a sweet gift from above!

When Sandra won the concerttickets and the meet-and-greet, she said she had been praying for it already and she felt seen and heard by God! After meeting TAYA, Sandra’s specific words were: ‘I am the happiest person alive!’

It’s your giving that helps us to impact lives. Consider donating today by tapping on the donate button in your screen.

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Globally renowned vocalist TAYA drops her premiere single, “Gonna Be Good” from her forthcoming sophomore solo album. Available today along with an accompanying music video, “Gonna Be Good” releases on the heels of an exciting new chapter for TAYA as she and her husband recently welcomed the birth of their first child, son Bo Benaiah Gaukrodger.

The world first heard TAYA on UNITED’s #1 worship anthem “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” which spent a record-setting 61 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top Christian Songs Chart. Since then, her voice has become an unmistakable clarion call to worship across the world. During her tenure with UNITED, as well as Hillsong Worship, TAYA has helped steward over one billion global career streams as well as performed live for over 10M people in 12 different countries across six continents.

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TAYA is headed to Europe to sing the worship songs we all know and love and debut her new songs with a live band as well! Need a refresher on where you know TAYA from…? Click the play button below!

What will you win?
– 2 tickets to the TAYA Europe Tour in a city of your choice (participating cities listed below)
– a meet-and-greet with TAYA

How do I enter the giveaway?
Tune in to MIRACLE MONDAY with Christy Grace (Monday’s 10AM – 2PM Amsterdam Time) and text the studio to enter the giveaway. HINT: we want to hear how worship has impacted your life! Click here to text the studio right now!

What are the participating concert venues?
April 14th – Budapest, Hungary (winner has been contacted)
April 16th – Veenendaal, Netherlands
(winner has been contacted)
April 17th – Dusseldorf, Germany
(winner has been contacted)
April 20th – Karlsruhe, Germany (winner has been contacted)
April 24th – Veenendaal, Netherlands (winner has been contacted)
April 25th – Brussels, Belgium (winner has been contacted)

Who is eligible for this giveaway?
Everybody! Transportation to and from the concert venue is not included in this giveaway.

When will the winner be announced?
Winners will be announced up to 3 days before the concert date.

How do I increase my chance of winning?
Follow @maasbachradio on instagram and check out the giveaway post!

Click here for more info on the TAYA Europe Tour.