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3 helpful steps to run your race and WIN!

Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘Run your race and win!’ with Pastor Orfeo.

600X400 Elle Limebear

Elle Limebear

Daughter of Christian music legend Martin Smith, Elle Limebear, shares her personal testimony of encountering Jesus from the Maasbach Radio studio in the Netherlands.

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Mountain moving prayer with Pastor Simon van Dalen.

Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘STANDING FIRM IN FAITH’.

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Beautiful words of encouragement by Pastor Rakesh Gangaram Panday.

Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘HOPE RENEWED’.

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A powerful Live Prayer session with Evangelist John T.L. Maasbach.

To end January strong we are going live on Instagram all week to pray for you and encourage you. Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘IDENTITY’.

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Instagram Live Prayer Sessions all week!

To end the month of January strong we are going live on Instagram this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday!

Go to @maasbachradio on Instagram to see at what times we are live in your area.

MONDAY – we start of strong with Evangelist John T.L. Maasbach. Pastor of The Blessing Vlaardingen and worldwide preacher and teacher.
TUESDAY – special prayer time with Pastor Rakesh Gangaram Panday, Pastor of The Blessing Dordrecht.
WEDNESDAY – come pray with us as Pastor Simon van Dalen, Pastor of The Blessing Zwolle, joins us live on instagram.
THURSDAY – we are joined by Pastor Orfeo Ost, Pastor of The Blessing Amsterdam!
FRIDAY – none other than President and Senior Pastor, David Maasbach, will be closing our 21 days of prayer with us on Instagram Live!
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Jilneth Job

Jilneth is sharing a daily devotional all week on Maasbach Radio!

Jilneth has been serving at The Blessing Church, together with his wife, for over 20 years. He is an anointed worship leader at The Blessing Amsterdam and loves sharing the Gospel through song.

Check out Jilneth singing in The Blessing Church in this beautiful video!

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Our reason why

Why do we do what we do? Because of people like Isaac in India that send us encouraging messages like this:

The only Radio I listen to all the time non stop whenever I am able to. God Bless you and your team abundantly 🙏 Happy to stay connected with the word of the Lord shared in between songs. Very Blessed thanks again. I am a big Fan of your Radio station which I got to know randomly in 2016 then onwards it is my favorite station. You guys are awesome. You guys play the right songs right time. Blessed be the Name of our Lord Almighty. 🙏

Isaac from India.

Thank you for tuning in to Maasbach Radio today. We pray you will hear the right song at the right time!

If you are being blessed by the Maasbach Radio app, consider leaving a positive review for the app so more people can discover free uplifting music. Click the link below and scroll down to submit your review (we love all Apple & Android users equally…)

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600X400 Joseph Revere

Joseph Espinoza from REVERE

Meet Joseph Espinoza, worship leader at REVERE. Joseph has an incredible testimony to share with you about how the doctor’s gave him 2 hours to live because he inhaled a toxic substance. The Lord healed him and is now using Joseph to sing worship songs all over the world!