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2024, we are ready for you!

We’re honored that you’d give us the opportunity to encourage you in the new year. And we’re working hard to do that to the best of our ability!

So in 2024 we’ll be introducing you to some new faces and voices, offering you free prayer calendars and sermons, and praying for God to reveal His miracle working power to you in a very real way. Starting with the month of prayer. Get ready for Live Prayer Sessions in the last week of January!

Stay tuned for all new programs, radio hosts and ofcourse uplifting music on your favorite music station from the Netherlands, Maasbach Radio.


A Maasbach Radio Holiday special!

Join us in a horse riding school on a stage turned into a stable with Trinity the band from the Netherlands to talk about growing up as missionary kids in Peru and all things Christmas!


A Christmas miracle

In the beginning of 2023, we received a prayer request from Oksana in the Ukraine. Her husband was drafted into the army with no hope of returning home. Just in time for Christmas, Oksana sends us her praise report!

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Christmas in India

What’s it like to celebrate Christmas in India? Listen to Pastor Chadwick Mohan from Chennai, India as he talks about the great and the hard things during Christmas time and how we can pray for his nation.


One desire for Christmas

There’s a prayer on Branan’s heart for Christmas. It’s for his neighborhood and it’s for yours. It’s for the USA, for the Netherlands and for the entire world. Because Jesus truly is the reason for the season. Check out the full conversation with Branan Murphy on Maasbach Radio’s YouTube channel.

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Chadwick Mohan

Sustained sickness can be hard on the mind. And this is what Pastor Chadwick from India had to endure when he started getting sick because of witchcraft against the church. Listen to this incredible testimony of how God revealed, healed and delivered. Stay tuned for powerful prayer at the end!

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A Christmas gift for you

Happy Holidays from Maasbach Radio! Here’s our Christmas gift to you… the free e-book: LEGACY OF FAITH by Johan Maasbach.

Click the image below to download for free!

Johan Maasbach left home at age 17 and enrolled as a cook’s mate on ship sailing to Hamburg. During his years on the sea, he experienced God’s protecting hand and he knew that God called him to preach the Gospel. Read this incredible story of facing the most difficult circumstances of life with supernatural faith. Click the image to download for free.

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Sinclair + Francis

Godly friendships bring you closer to Jesus. Do you know what that’s like? Maybe you don’t, but you’d like to have a friend like that. Check out this conversation with Sinclair van Dalen and Francis Celestina. They’re friends, co-workers and brothers in Christ. They also want to pray for those that are looking for a godly friendship.