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Jordan Feliz

Known for his happy music and positive vibes, we wondered what Jordan Feliz listens to in his free time. His kids like listening to their dad’s music (which can get pretty awkward if you ask Jordan) but Jordan himself has a wide spectrum of music preferences. Check out this cool conversation with Jordan Feliz in the video below!

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Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake is a GRAMMY® Award-winning artist and songwriter from Charleston, SC. As a worship leader for gatherings around the nation, his purpose is to call followers of Jesus into a posture of freedom and confidence—creating space to declare truth. Lake has been nominated for 5 GRAMMY® awards. In 2022, he was awarded his first GRAMMY® for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album,” in recognition of the record, Old Church Basement. In 2021, he won a GMA Dove Award for “Songwriter of the Year”. Believing that people have so much more inside of them than they think possible, Lake longs to see Christians “live free and to be everything that God has called them to be.”

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Dancing with Jordan Feliz!

Check out Jordan Feliz, Christy Grace and Jesselyn Maasbach dancing on Jordan’s newest hitsong ‘The King is alive’!

We’re talking to Jordan Feliz on Maasbach Radio and asking him ‘what music do you listen to when you’re down?’ Listen to Maasbach Radio for your daily dose of encouragement!

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Josh Havens (The Afters)

We couldn’t believe what we heard… Josh Havens bursting out in Dutch?! Check your do’s and don’ts for your next visit to the Netherlands in this interview on Maasbach Radio and get your daily encouragement at the same time!