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David Leonard

Along with being a husband and father, David Leonard can easily say his other love and passion is his work. “I have fallen in love with the community around me and am honored to be a part of it. I feel blessed that I get to help artists and songwriters craft beautiful things, and I feel blessed that I get to share what God is doing in my life through my own songs. For me, music has always been about creating environments for people to experience God in a brand new way. That’s my hope now, that when you turn the songs on in your car or we’re at a night of worship, or anywhere you’re listening, you feel like you get to experience God. It’s my prayer that I continue to carry that spirit of ushering in that presence of what He does.”


Bong + Rowie Ferranco

“It’s lonely at the top” is what they say. And it’s true. While being a leader and helping others when they’re going through a storm, leaders have hard times too. How do we stay focussed on the thing God has called us to do? Check out this encouraging conversation with husband and wife, Bong + Rowie Ferranco. Originally from the Philippines and now serving the Lord in Switzerland.


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