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Maasbach Radio in Kenya

Edita always has Maasbach Radio playing in the background as she’s working on her patients in the dentist chair.

“I love it that more and more people in Kenya are listening to Maasbach Radio!”

When Edita had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, there was only one thing on her mind: visiting the Maasbach Radio studio in The Hague. During the Heart to Heart special on Valentine’s Day, Edita was one of the giveaway winners and her prize has been waiting for her in the studio to come pick it up. It was a visit with lots of smiles and gratitude.


LaDonna Osborn

Our dear friend, Bishop LaDonna, has traveled all over the world to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she always has a timely and profound word for our Maasbach Radio listeners. You might recognize her deep and pleasant voice from our 3-minute of Biblical principles broadcast on Wednesdays.

In this interview Dr. LaDonna shares her personal experience in ministry, which holds so many truths and nuggets for all of us listening!

Bishop LaDonna C. Osborn is President and CEO of Osborn Ministries International, the world missionary organization founded by her parents (T.L. and Daisy Osborn) in 1949. She is Founder and Overseer of the International Gospel Fellowship (of churches and ministries), which includes more than 60 ministries, over 1,000 churches in more than 50 nations globally.

Dr. Osborn’s national and international ministry schedule includes: Mass Miracle Evangelism Festivals, Osborn Gospel Training Seminars, Pastors’ and Leadership Conferences, Women’s and Missions’ Conferences, plus Bible School and Seminary lectures. Her Bible and teaching courses, books and audio/video materials and daily video devotions are distributed or viewed globally.

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Want to encounter God?

You can be in church all your life and still need an encounter from God. The good news is that God’s Word says in Jeremiah 29:13:

“Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD”

If you are longing for an encounter with the living God, whether that would be your first time or you are just hungry for more of Him… It would be our privilege to pray with you and for you. Join Caleb & John in this simple prayer of faith. Cause that’s how easy it can be. We can just ask!

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Stephen + Lisa

Is it even possible to raise a child in the fear of the Lord when we are living in this twisted world? Listen to this encouraging conversation with husband-and-wife: Stephen and Lisa as we talk about their hopes and fears while raising their 1-year old. We also touch on very real subjects like praying for unsaved family members and covering your family under the blood of Jesus.

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Alissa Hathie-Maasbach

There’s a lot of talking going on about the topic of ‘self-love’. How can we approach this topic in light of the Bible? Listen in on this conversation with Youth Pastor Alissa, who encounters many young men and women who struggle to see themselves as the wonderfully made creations of God almighty. Be encouraged as Maasbach Radio speaks life over you today.

If you or anyone you know struggles with self-inflicting thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact Maasbach Radio on +31611155971.

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Bible Study Tools

The Bible is the Living Word of God! It is the foundation of everything we believe and hope for. If you are longing to deepen your knowledge of the Word of God, consider looking into these FREE tools that will help you do that:

  • Listen to a teaching of the Bible!
    There are many Biblically sound Bible teachers that share wonderful insight on the Word of God. You can always trust that the preachers on Maasbach Radio have sound doctrine in their teaching. Try listening to a teaching today on Maasbach Radio’s Message Station.

    Click here to listen to a free Bible Study about the endtimes.

  • Sign up to receive free sermons via email!
    Leave your emailadress at this form and we’ll sign you up for Your Message Station mail to receive uplifting messages and powerful preaching on your phone, tablet or computer, sent to you monthly or weekly by Maasbach Radio’s Message Station.

    Click here to sign up for free sermons.

  • Get yourself a Bible Study guide or Bible Commentary!
    A Bible commentary is a book designed to help readers understand and interpret the Bible. It provides explanations, background information, historical context, and theological insights to aid readers in comprehending the meaning of the text.

    Order a Bible Study guide here.

  • Listen to Dr. LaDonna Osborn every Wednesday!
    Every wednesday, Dr LaDonna Osborn shares three minutes of Biblical principles on Maasbach Radio. You will love the insight she brings to the table and if it doesn’t teach you something new, it most definitely will help you how to explain Biblical matters to others around you.