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Austin French

“I grew up in church, was surrounded by church culture, but I hated Christians for a long time,” Austin says. “Our family was the family that pretended to be perfect on Sunday but was falling apart behind closed doors. As an eight-year-old boy, I was living two different lives, expected to be perfect on Sunday and then living in fear at home.”

It was at a church music camp at the age of 13 where Austin’s life was changed forever. He went to camp to learn to play guitar, hoping to impress girls. Instead, Austin heard this message from one of the camp leaders: Don’t judge Jesus on the broken people He came to save. The words described his life perfectly. Listen to Austin’s testimony in this interview on Maasbach Radio!

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Jordan Feliz

Known for his happy music and positive vibes, we wondered what Jordan Feliz listens to in his free time. His kids like listening to their dad’s music (which can get pretty awkward if you ask Jordan) but Jordan himself has a wide spectrum of music preferences. Check out this cool conversation with Jordan Feliz in the video below!

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Ben Fuller

After turning to cocaine and alcohol for over 14 years, Ben radically fell in love with Jesus.

Listen to this incredible testimony and to Ben’s plea to never give up praying for those you think are too far gone.

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Katy Nichole

Depression, thoughts of suicide, you wouldn’t relate these words to the bubbly personality of Katy Nichole. But Katy has indeed dealt with these things and has come out victorious! Listen to this testimony of what God can do and stay tuned for special prayer time at the end with Katy Nichole and Christy Grace.

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Patrick Mayberry

Growing up in a church where instruments were not allowed, Patrick struggled to make sense of his desire to play the guitar. Now a worship leader himself, Patrick talks about the encounter he had with God during a worship festival he got invited to by a friend. Listen to his full story in this exclusive Maasbach Radio interview!

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Matthew West

There are few more compelling storytellers in any genre of music than Matthew West. Whether baring his soul through introspective anthems or illuminating the life experiences of others, West has carved a successful career sharing stories that capture the myriad experiences of life. On his latest album My Story Your Glory, West incorporates a new dimension to his artistry by adding worship songs to his musical canon. The double album is an ambitious 22-song opus that includes 12 powerful story songs, much like those that have already been cornerstones in West’s career, as well as 10 soaring, lyrically substantive worship anthems that signal a new creative chapter.

Listen to Matthew’s wise words and learn about ‘POPWE’ foundation in Maasbach Radio’s latest interview.

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Micah Tyler

Micah Tyler states that his songs are ‘battle-tested’. What does that mean? Check out this conversation between Christy Grace and Micah Tyler as they both talk about dealing with a family member that’s going through chemotherapy and how we can still sing out “Praise the Lord!” in very hard situations.

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Want to encounter God?

You can be in church all your life and still need an encounter from God. The good news is that God’s Word says in Jeremiah 29:13:

“Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD”

If you are longing for an encounter with the living God, whether that would be your first time or you are just hungry for more of Him… It would be our privilege to pray with you and for you. Join Caleb & John in this simple prayer of faith. Cause that’s how easy it can be. We can just ask!

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A challenge to serve others?

Join us in this conversation in the Maasbach Radio studio with Christy Grace and Ramona Mats about how easy it can be to serve others.

Take some time to sit down with someone and listen to them. Show some interest in their day, their family. What’s going on in their lives? Just by being there for them you can show them the love of Jesus. Jesus came to serve and that’s what we’re challenging ourselves and all of our listeners to do.

Now who’s up for the challenge?!

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A Faith Injection

What is a faith injection? It is a short message that will give you a boost in your faith. That encourages you to believe in the mighty power of our God.

Listen to this faith injection by Apostle Lovel Bent from England and open up your heart for the Holy Spirit to elevate your faith today.