Free message by John T.L. Maasbach

Listen to this 20-minute message by Evangelist John T.L. Maasbach to start your day:

The Bible talks about the archers that shot Joseph. Archers of envy, jealousy, temptation and false accusation. But Joseph overcame! God is with us and He is well able to bring us the victory and to bring us out without bitterness or hatred in our hearts.

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Maasbach Radio in Kenya

Edita always has Maasbach Radio playing in the background as she’s working on her patients in the dentist chair.

“I love it that more and more people in Kenya are listening to Maasbach Radio!”

When Edita had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, there was only one thing on her mind: visiting the Maasbach Radio studio in The Hague. During the Heart to Heart special on Valentine’s Day, Edita was one of the giveaway winners and her prize has been waiting for her in the studio to come pick it up. It was a visit with lots of smiles and gratitude.

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Jesselyn Maasbach

I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ.
The dedication and love for the Savior cannot be imitated by anyone. The firm belief-connection is unique and personal, and nothing can sway the bond one has with the Son of God.
If you are a firm believer, you should be proud. Believing in Jesus Christ is the greatest feeling in the world.

Words to describe Jesselyn: worship leader, believer, mother, sister, daughter, wife, auntie, friend, creator, foodie.

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Become a Prayer Partner

The Global Prayer Network was established in 1997 to bring the need of this world and the individual needs of the people to God in prayer. It is part of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation.

The Global Prayer Network is a prayer chain of Christians who have committed themselves to pray for the prayer requests on the prayer list at set times. That way there is prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every Monday, you’ll receive an e-mail with prayer requests, and once a month an addition with special prayer requests, for example for a certain country. You can also pray for other people in need or for the things you hear in the news et cetera. Whether it is 5 minutes a day or 20 minutes a week, you can help people in need with your prayers.

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Jeconia + Micha Maasbach

Loving the next generation… why is that important? How do we do that? What is challenging about it?

Check out this conversation with brothers Jeconia & Micha Maasbach and let us know your thoughts by texting the studio. Just tap the ‘connect’ button on the bottom of your screen.

Update: Micha and Christy celebrated the wonderful wedding of Jeconia with him and all of their family and Jeconia plans on continuing his coffee time with his now wife!

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A Heart to Heart by Christy Grace

‘When things aren’t what they should have been, you can still be excited for the future. Because I know that God is in control.’

Check out this heart to heart by Christy Grace on air from our 12-hour LIVE marathon on Maasbach Radio!


Jon Reddick

Worship pastor and songwriter, Jon Reddick, has a heart for the church and the songs that pour out from congregations into the world. Throughout his writing career he’s intentionally composed lyrics that speak about redemption and hope in a way that impacts cross cultural narratives of a generation hungry for healing.

Check out this awesome conversation about life, music and… Chick-fil-a! Click the YouTube video below to watch and listen and don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss out on any encouraging interviews in the future.

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3 helpful steps to run your race and WIN!

Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘Run your race and win!’ with Pastor Orfeo.

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Mountain moving prayer with Pastor Simon van Dalen.

Rewatch this Live session on the topic of ‘STANDING FIRM IN FAITH’.